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2017 Free the Captives Luncheon 
Protect your kids in Cyberspace!

Cyberspace is the modern age's, "wild west" where anything goes and we must be proactive about our kid's internet safety. Talk with your kids about not interacting with strangers on the internet (common with games and chat rooms on websites.) Make sure computers are in areas where you can monitor your child's activity. Install "safe-surf" software available from many internet providers or computer software retailers. Put a sticker over laptop "web-cams" to ensure that computer hackers are not watching your children. Also, make sure anti-virus software is installed and updated regularly.

2014 : The Archangels Project

CRM working to make a difference.

In 2014, CRM started the Archangels project as an initiative to connect with other organizations that are assisting victims of human trafficking. Hosting human trafficking awareness meetings at schools, churches and Bible studies and supporting the work of other ministries in this arena has been both rewarding and a great challenge.  I encourage you to get involved with your church and other ministries who are working against this serious worldwide travesty.

2012 : A Refuge in Nepal

Our visit to Peace Gospel's women's shelter for victim's of human trafficking was surreal. It brought home for us the reality of the modern day slave trade. Seeing these women freed from their bonds and starting a new life was like a ray of hope in the darkness. We thank God for all the ministries and organizations that have sprung up to bring hope and healing in the US and around the world. The, "Hope Rehabilitation Center," is teaching these victims in Nepal, skills to be able to make a living.

Human Trafficking

A Global Nightmare

Imagine being held captive against your will, forced to commit unspeakable acts as a human slave, day after agonizing day. Now you know what it is to be a modern day slave. This nightmare is too real and is happening in every city in America and around the world. CRM has had the honor of working with other organizations involved in combatting and eliminating this worldwide atrocity. 

     I became aware of the gravity of the human trafficking problem in the world today, while working together with another missions organization. When I was in Nepal, I visited a women's shelter they had opened for victim's of human trafficking. I met these precious souls first hand and witnessed how those with no help or voice could be set free and begin new lives with Christ. What an awesome God we serve! He is still in the business of setting the captives free and we must all work together to help. 

 Over the past few years I have connected with individuals in law enforcement, government and nonprofit organizations. I am collecting information and working together with them to determine the best courses of action to take to help in this complicated arena.


Many people have asked me what they can do to help. If you know someone who is a victim of human  trafficking, report it to the tip line of your local FBI office that serves your area.  Secondly, you can let your voice be heard in the community in regards to human trafficking by holding public awareness meetings at your local church or through social media. We are available to speak at awareness meetings and distribute information, inquiries can be emailed to us through our contact page.


 Thank you for your time and your support.

CRM had the honor of attending a helpful and informative awareness luncheon in Houston. Free the Captives is another great ministry that is making a difference. For more information visit:


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2015 Human Trafficking Prevention Awareness Meetings

In 2015 CRM partnered with East Texas Krav Maga for Human Trafficking Prevention & Awareness meetings. Like links in a chain we can make a difference in our part of the world when we take time to inform, equip and educate others.