Circuit Rider Missions trips

2017 Uganda Missions trip

I am so grateful to share a video slideshow of my 2017 missions trip to Uganda with Parental Care Ministries. My daughter Addy joined me this time and we had an amazing trip. Please feel free to enjoy the slideshow and video of this trip we will never forget. 

Missions Outreach

Taking the message of God's love to the farthest reaches.

I can't tell you what an honor and a privilege it is to share God's word with the nations of the world. Here in America we often take for granted  having a church on every corner and a community of believers to encourage each other. In some countries, obtaining food and clean water are a daily struggle and they are hungry to know about God's love for them. They are not forgotten and Circuit Rider Ministries is doing what we can to reach out and encourage churches and church leaders in foreign lands. Providing for both physical and spiritual needs, we work hard to encourage these saints and bring help and hope to their communities. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Upcoming Missions Outreach

For those of you interested in joining us on our next missions outreach or for information about other ways you can get involved, please visit our contact page. I'd be glad to inform you about upcoming trips and any needs or opportunities you can assist with. We love to hear from you and appreciate your support.        Andy

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