Audio Messages recorded in a Prison Chapel service

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Prison Bible Studies

Encouraging men in their newfound faith;

I have taught three Bible studies in three different prisons for many years and I am finding men hungry for the truth of God's word. In the prisons I see men that are outside of the religious pretense of everyday Christendom. There is a hunger for the word and for worship that will encourage and inspire those on the outside. Many start off attending with hardened faces and hearts but end up broken by our faithful Lord and made new creations with changed lives. Joy and hope is restored as hate and fear are banished by the love of the Savior.

1 samuel 7:16

Prison Ministry

Come and see all the Lord has done!!!

CRM Founder, Andy Brink invites you to come and experience the church of Jesus Christ inside prison walls. The God we serve is an awesome God, faithful and true, reaching his lost sheep even behind bars! 

The prisons are filled with prodigal sons and daughters many of which have never experienced the true love of a father. Through the teaching of God's word, the captives are being set free and hope restored to the hopeless. The church is growing and flourishing in the prisons and you would be blessed to attend a service and see for yourself what the Lord is doing.

Prison Bible Study Schedule